KIA Soul Plus: A Budget-Friendly Crossover

KIA Soul Plus: A Budget-Friendly Crossover

The KIA Soul Plus is a budget-friendly crossover that offers a unique combination of practicality, style, and affordability. This compact SUV has been a popular choice among consumers since it first debuted in 2009, and the 2020 model year has seen a number of updates that makes it an even more compelling option for budget-conscious car buyers. 

The Kia Soul 2022, which has been completely designed this year, has a lot more to offer. Car owners in congested urban areas will appreciate its small size, responsive engine, and controlled ride over rough terrain. Outside of the city, the Kia Soul Plus stands out for its sharp handling and adaptable steering. 

No matter where you reside, The Kia Soul's roomy interior and functional cargo space makes it a perfect day-to-day car. What attracts the most buyers towards it is its competitive pricing, which knocks the most competitors without sacrificing feature content or material quality. 

This blog will explore some of the key features which make KIA Soul Plus a budget-friendly crossover. 

Design and Features

The KIA Soul Plus has a distinctive boxy design that distinguishes it from other crossovers on the market. Its exterior is both stylish and functional, with a spacious cargo area and plenty of room for passengers. This CUV offers a spacious cabin with wide door openings and a tall roof that make it easy to access the back and front of the spacious car cabin.

 Inside, the KIA Soul Plus offers a comfortable and well-appointed cabin that is packed with features. Some of the most noteworthy features of the KIA Soul Plus include a 10.25-inch touchscreen infotainment/ GPS system, Android Auto compatibility, Apple CarPlay, wireless charging, and a six-speaker audio system. Its high technology features and user =friendly interface make it easy to access infotainment and built-in tech features. 

Performance and Fuel Efficiency

The KIA Soul Plus is powered by a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine that can deliver 147 horsepower and 132 lb-ft of torque. It also comes with a continuously variable transmission (CVT) that provides smooth and seamless acceleration.

 The KIA Soul Plus also offers excellent fuel efficiency, with an EPA-estimated rating of 27 mpg in the streets of the city and 33 mpg on the highway. The KIA Soul Plus offers fuel efficiency like no other CUV in the market. 

Safety and Reliability

When it comes to safety and reliability, the KIA Soul Plus is a top performer. It comes with a suite of advanced safety features to keep your driving experience safe and comfortable. The collision warning and automatic emergency braking system notify the driver about the potential risk of causing accidents. It also features a high lane departure warning, and lane-keeping assistance, which guides you and keeps you informed about the left and right surroundings of the car, to avoid any crashing or bumping risks.

The KIA Soul Plus also boasts excellent crash test ratings, with a five-star overall safety rating from the authorized (NHTSA) National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Additionally, the KIA Soul Plus is backed by an impressive 10-year/100,000-mile powertrain warranty, which provides added peace of mind for buyers.

Driving Experience

The KIA Soul Plus provides a smooth and comfortable ride, with responsive handling and good maneuverability. It is easy to park and maneuver in tight spaces, making it an ideal choice for city driving. It offers a comfortable and easy commute to small and big families with its spacious interior and comfortable seating. With enough head and legroom in the front and back seatings, you and your friends will not face any difficulty while taking a road trip. The cabin is also well-insulated from outside noise, providing a quiet and relaxing driving experience.

Cost and Value

One of the greatest selling aspects of the KIA Soul Plus is its affordability. It is one of the most budget-friendly crossovers on the market. Despite its low price point, the KIA Soul Plus offers a surprising amount of value, with a long list of standard features and excellent fuel efficiency. When compared to other budget-friendly crossovers, such as the Nissan Kicks and the Hyundai Kona, the KIA Soul Plus stands out as a top performer in terms of value.

Comparison To Other Budget-Friendly Crossovers

When compared to other budget-friendly crossovers on the market, the KIA Soul Plus stands out as a top performer. The Nissan Kicks, for example, has a lower starting price than the KIA Soul Plus, but it offers less interior space and fewer features. The Hyundai Kona, on the other hand, has a higher starting price than the KIA Soul Plus, but it offers more powerful engine options and a more refined interior.

Final Verdict!

The Kia Soul Plus is an excellent choice for car buyers who want a reliable, compact car on a good budget. The Kia soul plus offers a good set of features that makes it among the best crossover utility vehicles in the market. With its distinctive design, well-appointed cabin, excellent safety ratings, comfortable means of accommodation along with affordable price, it is easy to see why Kia Soul Plus has become a popular CUV among buyers.

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